A diseased or infected tooth causes a lot of problems and pain, and long time ago the only solution to treat it was to remove it. But, removing the tooth is not a good solution because it will cause the remaining teeth to shift. Also, it makes it hard to chew and clean your teeth.

Root canal treatment has became the most popular method to treat infected teeth instead of losing them. The teeth inside is a hollow centre made up of sensitive tissues such as blood vessels and nerves. It’s called pulp, and its role is to bring nutrients, oxygen and feeling to the tooth.

Root canal treatment procedure is an endodontic procedure that involves replacing the infected tooth pulp by a filling.

Why should I get root canal treatment ?

It is recommended to have root canal treatment if :

  • One or more pulp in the roots of your teeth are damaged or infected.
  • If you have abscess that has developed.

This may be a result of an untreated decay, a decay under the filling, an injured tooth or gum disease.

Root canal treatment procedure

A root canal therapy may involve one or more visits to dentist office. The endodontist will perform with local anesthesia the following steps :

  1. Making an opening through the crown into the pulp.
  2. Removing pulp tissues from the pulp chamber and the canal of each root, cleaning and disinfecting them so they can be filled.
  3. Using medicines to treat infection (if necessary).
  4. Filling the treated root canals with a rubber-like material.
  5. Rebuilding the crown with a temporary filling to protect the tooth from infection.
  6. Removing the temporary filling and replacing it with permanent filling, or restore the tooth with a crown (in the last visit).

The dentist may give you antibiotics if the infection has spread into the root.

After root canal treatment

The results of a root canal procedure are highly satisfying, and most patient were able to enjoy the results for the rest of their lives. However, the treated tooth life is like any natural tooth, depends on how you take care of it. So, regular brushing and flossing must be a part of your daily routine, to enjoy a long lasting restored teeth and preserve your natural teeth as well.

Note that root canal treatment will not be successful if the tooth is loose, or only a small part remains of the tooth.

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