Beard transplantation and mustache transplantation are methods frequently preferred by men whodon’t have their desired beard and mustache density. When the density of beard and mustache decreases or gaps occur, it creates a significant problem for men. Men who struggle with this issuego for beard and mustache transplantation to eliminate this problem.People first resort to cosmetic solutions to overcome these problems.

When cosmetic alternatives such as natural oil and special cure don’t solve people’s problems, beard and mustache transplant comes into play. For those looking for a permanent solution for this matter, the most accurate method is beard transplantation and mustache transplantation. This method is the most ideal and permanent solution for people who has lost their beard due to an injury, illness or burn related accidents.

In order for the beard and mustache transplant to look natural, the hair transplantation center specialist should plant in accordance with the direction of hair growth during transplantation.

Before having beard and mustache transplantation, it is also important for hair transplantation center specialists to analyze the hair structure and general condition of the person and to correctly determine the number of grafts for the area to be transplanted. There are different questions among the topics that men are most curious about in this regard: “Does a beard transplant look natural? When will the redness fade away after transplanting? Can transplants be done as often as desired?’’ If the mustache and beard do not grow due to wounds, burns, sparse hair structure or genetic factors, people can easily have a beard or mustache transplant.

How are Beard and Mustache Transplantation Performed?

When people who have problems with their beard or mustache decide to have a mustache transplant method, first the number of grafts for beard transplant is determined and the process is planned just like a normal hair transplant process. After applying local anesthesia to the donor area, the hair follicle is collected. Since local anesthesia is applied before mustache transplantation, the person to be planted does not feel any pain or pain during hair transplantation.

However during mustache transplantation, the grafts are taken one by one and the hair follicles are kept in special solutions until the implementation. Dhi-Choi technique is generally applied in mustache transplantation. In some cases, the classical FUE method is also used. In addition, the redness that occurs after beard or mustache transplantation decreases over time. After sowing with the pencil technique, incrustation is seen in the transplantation area, as in hair transplantation.

The beard transplant method and the first washing of the mustache transplant area are done between 24 and 48 hours. After washing, the beard appearance looks much more natural. In the first period, there may be redness and acne between the beards. However, these pimples go away by themselves about two weeks. The transplanted beards should not be shaved directly after; instead they should be cut and shortened following 15 days. The patient can shave after 1 month. One of the most important factors in beard and mustache transplantation is the planting of the hair follicles according to the direction and angle of the hair growth. Number of hair follicles can determined according to the wishes of the person and the available open space.

Beard Transplant Before After

Who Can Have Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

The sparse or non-existent beard and mustache in men in every society is a serious problem for men. Men usually prefer hair transplants in cases such as illness, accident, burns, genetic problems, medication or ringworm. The process of calculating the number of grafts for the density, frequency or appearance desired by the person during transplantation should also be analyzed well.

With the help of the correct hair analysis, a much more natural appearance can be obtained after the transplant. Since the appearance of the person’s facial area will also change during beard transplantation, the procedure should be done very carefully and implementing should be done one by one according to the direction and angle of hair growth. Centers that will understand your wishes and have sufficient technological equipment should be preferred for beard and mustache transplantation. During hair, beard and mustache transplantation, the expectations of the person are essential.

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