One of the most unpleasant aging appearances is double chin, a fatty deposits under the chin or excess skin hanging from the neck or the jawline (turkey neck). That can be caused by losing skin elasticity due to aging or a big weight loss in a short time. 

That is why comes neck lift surgery or as known clinically lower rhytidectomy. The procedure aims to treat these unwanted deformations, improve the neck contour and create a more defined and youthful-looking neck. In Turkey, you can benefit from best experienced surgeons and lower cost.  

How is neck lift surgery performed ?

Usually performed in conjunction with face lift. Neck lift surgery can involve different methods depending on the patient main problem and the degree of sagginess.

If the patient have excess fat under the chin (double chin), the surgeon may opt for a neck liposuction. In this procedure the surgeon makes tiny incisions behind each ear and under the chin to remove the excess fat. Neck liposuction will not treat sagging neck skin. Therefore, liposuction is done to younger patients in their 20’s to early 50’s, and that is because they have a better skin elasticity. 

What if the patient’s problem is more than a double chin? Whether he has a loose skin and fatty deposits under the neck skin that creates jowls, or a banding muscle in the neck creating the turkey neck. In these cases the surgeon performs full neck lift procedure. It involves fat liposuction, excess skin removing and muscles tightening. The doctor makes incisions under the chin and behind each ear through which he can tighten the neck muscles and remove sagging skin, to restore a smooth and firmer look to the neck.

After neck lift surgery

after a neck lift surgery, swelling and bruising are normal and they will disappear gradually, the most visible bruising fade out after one week. meanwhile a special garment must be used in order to compress the neck and help reduce swelling. the patient must avoid twisting or bending the neck, and must protect it from the sun.

a complete recovery time takes up to several weeks to months depending on the individuals as well as the type of the surgery. the patient can return back to daily activities including work after 2 week, while returning to vigorous activities must wait 3 to 4 weeks.

a tight neck skin feeling is normal during the first few months is will disappear gradually. 

Are you a good candidate for neck lift surgery ?

a good candidate for neck lift surgery must have :

  • A good health, and no chronic disease that may interfere with the healing process of incisions.
  • Double chin or jowls.
  • Sagging neck skin or turkey neck.
  • Realistic expectations.
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