Scars left by a surgery has always been the first concern for patients, especially when it comes to aesthetic surgeries. And the nose being in the middle of the face and visible all the time is no exception. Therefore, nose correction surgery has improved to bring out scarless rhinoplasty or “Closed Rhinoplasty”. Whether it is for cosmetic or functional reason, nose correction has become highly required.

Closed rhinoplasty refers to rhinoplasty without external incisions. Where the surgeon will make incisions inside the nostrils to make the necessary changes without opening the nose skin. This method leaves no scars and heal faster. Many people in Turkey ask to have closed rhinoplasty, however it may not be suitable for everyone.

Who can benefit from closed rhinoplasty ?

A closed rhinoplasty involves the use of incisions inside of a patient’s nose. It is suitable for cases like bulbous nasal tip, wide nasal bones, a dorsal hump and other nasal defects. However, scarless nose surgery is typically not recommended for those who require extensive nose revision or reconstruction.

Pros and Cons Of The Closed Rhinoplasty

Here some of  the indisputable advantages of closed rhinoplasty :

  • Less invasive procedure compared to open rhinoplasty.
  • Absence any visible scars.
  • Less swelling during recovery time.
  • No need to remove the stitches, because of using self-absorbable sutures.
  • Short recovery time.

But as any other techniques, closed rhinoplasty has its drawbacks which are:

  • almost blind operation, which  requires the surgeon to be highly experienced.
  • may not solve all the nose problems.
  • it is not always possible to ensure the symmetry of stitched arches, especially if the patient has thick skin.

Therefore, the choice of rhinoplasty technique is usually the responsibility of the surgeon.

Recovery after closed rhinoplasty 

Recovery after closed rhinoplasty may not be different from open rhinoplasty, but it can take less time. You will have special instructions to follow to avoid any complications and help the healing process.

You will wear nasal splint for the first week, and after removing it, the swelling and bruising must be less visible. Swelling will go away completely after six month, during which it will not be noticeable. Some black and blue discolouration may occur under the eyelids, that is normal and it will fade after two weeks. Although, returning back to daily activities may wait two to three weeks, being able to exercise may wait up to six weeks.

You should avoid wearing eyeglasses for 3 weeks, because the pressure put by them may affect the changes.

The final shape of your nose may be seen after one year from the surgery, as it takes time for everything to settle.

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