Thanks to the DHI-Choi Technique, hair transplantation can be performed without cutting the patient’s hair. Hair transplantation methods are advancing day by day with the help of the developing technology. Until a few years ago, hair transplantation was not available for people who didn’t cut their hair, but now the situation has completely changed.

Today, it is possible to transplant hair to the problem area without cutting hair. However, in order to benefit fromthis opportunity, people who will have transplantation must meet certain criteria. Their hair must be at the determined length in order to have a hair transplant without shaving it. In addition, the size of the implementation area and the condition of the donor area are an effective factor in the implementation of this decision.

With unshaven hair transplant, the hair of the patient is transplanted without shaving the hair from the front, sides or upper sides. During hair transplantation in this practice, only the specific donor area at the back of the head is shaved. This method of hair transplantation is mostly preferred by people with long hair.

How is Hair Transplant done with DHI?

Before hair transplantation; In DHI hair transplantation, the hair follicles taken from the donor area of ​​the person, namely the grafts, are implanted into the desired empty area. With the developing technology, innovations in hair transplantation are constantly changing. Many different hair transplantation methods are used successfully in the world and in our country. Today, FUT, Fue and Choi DHI hair transplants are among the methods popularly used in hair transplantation centers around in the world.

FUT, which is one of the hair transplanttechniques, does not give anopportunity have transplantation without shaving to people. DHI Hair Transplantation method, also known as Choi Pencil Technique, is considered as a new generation hair transplantation technique. This technique allows the person to be transplanted to acquire a natural hair appearance that is very close to their old hair appearance. With hair transplantation method, the hair front line and the correct design of the hair are also the most important factors for the patient.

The first things to consider throughout hair transplantation are to check if there are enough grafts in the donor area and to plan the front line of the hair and to determine the most suitable hair transplantation method for the patient. In DHI hair transplantation, the graft should be transplanted quickly and densely. Due to the pen technique used in this method, hair transplantation can be done without damaging the hairy area of ​​their head.

What are the Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant?

One of the issues that people are most nervous about hair transplants is shaving their hair.The biggest advantage of the Unshaven Hair Transplant is that it allows the person to spend the hair transplantation period without taking a break from their social life. Not shaving the hair makes a great contribution to the easy recovery of the loss of self-confidence in the first days of hair transplantation. Because people feel better and free in this way, they return to their social lives very quickly.

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