Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is a popular surgical procedure that aims to improve the size, shape, and contour of the breasts. It is commonly requested by women of various ages, including those with naturally small breasts, those who have experienced changes in breast shape after breastfeeding or pregnancy, those who have lost weight, and even those who have experienced changes due to aging. The procedure involves the insertion of an implant into the breast tissue. 

At Hair and Heal Clinic, we use two types of breast implants: silicone gel and saline-filled.

Breast augmentation procedure

During the consultation, the surgeon will determine the size of the implant to be inserted and the type of incision to be performed based on the patient’s anatomy and preferences. The surgery will be performed under general anesthesia.

First, the surgeon will make an incision and create a pocket in the breast tissue to insert the implant. The pocket is typically placed between the breast’s soft tissue and the ribcage. The type of incision may vary depending on the size of the implant and the shape and size of the patient’s breasts. The three main types of incisions are inframammary (in the lower crease of the breast), periareolar (around the nipple), and transaxillary (in the armpit).

Once the implant is placed in the pocket, the surgeon will close the incisions using layered sutures. The skin incision may be closed with stitches, skin adhesives, or surgical tape.

Recovery after breast augmentation surgery

After the surgery the breast will be covered with gauze for the first few days. After that the patient has to wear a special bra to support breast tissues and help the implant settle into the place.

The patient can resume daily activities after one week. Meanwhile, she should have plenty of rest, and avoid any movement that can stretch the chest. Also, she should avoid heavy activities before 6 weeks from the surgery.  Swelling is normal and should resolve after few weeks while the scars will fade overtime.

Breast augmentation results

Breast augmentation results are visible immediately, it gives a more enhanced and toned shape to the natural breast. Also, it improves your image which gives you more self esteem. However, it takes some time to see the final results, as the swelling to subside and the skin to stretch, so it will feel more comfortable.

Are you the best candidate for breast augmentation ?

You can be a candidate for breast augmentation if :

  • You are heathy, you are not pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Your breasts are fully developed.
  • You feel that your breast is too small.
  • Your breast is losing shape and volume after pregnancy, breast feeding and massive weight loss.
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical.
  • One or both breasts failed to develop normally.
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