An everlasting youthful look was always a big concern of women and doctors along the history. For all the self confidence and comfortable social life that a youthful appearance gives to a person.

One of the most apparent aging signs is losing elasticity of the skin and the face fat. That will cause wrinkles and getting to sagging, loose skin that due to gravity forms jowls in cheeks and jaw. 

Now with the new procedures getting 10 years younger is no longer impossible. Face lift, or clinically known as rhytidectomy is a surgical method that helps treating aging signs of the face and neck. Usually performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery and brow lifting. This procedure helps eliminating sagging excess skin, remove dropping facial fat and eliminating wrinkles using fat injection. 

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Face lift procedure in Istanbul Turkey

The method used in face lift (surgical or non-surgical method) is determined according to the degree of sagging skin and age. But generally, the surgical method is the most used for the better tightening results that gives. 

Generally, surgeons use general anesthesia in this surgery to prevent bleeding. 

Depending on the expected results, the doctor will decide the size and location of the incision he makes. Generally, incision starts from the hairline above each ear and goes downward in front of the ear then around the ears to end under the back scalp. 

The surgeon will then pull off the skin to smooth out  the wrinkles and remove the sagging skin. And if necessary he will do liposuction to remove the dropping fat that forms what we call jowls.

In face lift surgery, the surgeon usually use dissolvable sutures or skin glue to avoid stitches scars. the incisions are made in a way to be hidden by the hairline and facial structure.

After the face lift surgery

A surgical drainage tube is often placed as well as bandage wrapping the face.

The doctor will prescribe painkiller and antibiotics. You may or may not feel some pain or discomfort after surgery, along with swelling and bruises.

The patient can return back to his daily activities after two weeks. For more vigorous activities such as exercises he must wait up to four weeks, and that after consulting the doctor.

For the best results of the surgery, doctors recommend to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, daily moisturize the skin and protect it  from the sun may.

The best candidate for face lift surgery

You are a good candidate for face lift surgery if you have

  • A good overall health, with no chronic diseases that may impair with the healing process.
  • A good skin elasticity, that can ensure a better result.
  • Realistic expectations.
  • A loose face and neck skin.
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