What is Brazilian Buttock Lift?

A well proportioned body with the right forms and shapes is the dream of a bigger part of people; and the butt has become an important part of these shapes. That made buttock augmentation one of the most wanted cosmetic surgeries in our clinic in Istanbul Turkey. Especially for those who are tired of using the traditional methods to get the desired shape (diet and exercise).

Brazilian buttock lift known as autologous fat grafting, is the most known and the most demanded procedure. even doctors outbalance this procedure because it involves the patient’s own fat grafting.

How is Brazilian butt lift performed ?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and it is divided to three steps.

  • First step: Fat liposuction from the donor areas, generally from the tummy and thighs.
  • Second step: Fat processing and preparation.
  • Third step: Collected fat injection in the butt area.

Doctors prefer Brazilian fat Butt lift because of the low risks of infection and allergies and the satisfying results.

Recovery after the surgery

After undergoing a buttock grafting it is normal to feel some soreness in the butt, and swelling in the liposuction areas. You are going to be able to return back to daily life after two weeks. But to resume exercising you have to wait up to two months. Meanwhile during the recovery time, you have to get up and move daily to help the healing process and reduce the risk of forming blood clots.


Results of Brazilian butt lifting are immediate, however the final result will not be seen before a year. because the injected fat needs a while to take the shape and the body to form new blood vessels around the new grafted fat.

This procedure offers a natural looking and feeling. But some of the initial volume you had right after the fat grafting surgery will fade due to natural fat absorption by the body. The patients retain average volume of 60-80% from the initially grafted fat, maybe more, maybe less. However, your satisfaction with the new projection of your buttock will increase day after day as the shaping and contouring is more defined over the days.

Brazilian butt lift involves liposuction from abdomen, thighs and love handles. That will offer you another reason of satisfaction, since you will get your excess body fat removed and your tummy toned.

Who is the best candidate for Brazilian buttock lift ?

A best candidate for Brazilian buttock lift are individuals :

  • Over 18 year old.
  • With a good health record.
  • Who have enough fat in donor areas to be removed and grafted into the butt.
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